Launch Party

If you're looking for something a little more fascinating than the start of the new schoolyear, look no further! You are invited to join us for a fascinating workshop on September 10th to celebrate 2 birthdays: my own, and the birth of the Fascination Factor programme. It has been quite a journey since I was challenged 2 months ago to launch the programme, it confronted me with some of my old internal struggles, but ready or not, "real artists ship" – I could keep thinking about it for a few months/years/decades more, or I can show up and stop being so selfish by not sharing my gifts. 

What to expect from this event: with Fascination Factor I want to create a community of people who want to make a difference, who love what they do & do what they love, and make money from it, whether that's through your ideal job or as a self-employed person. I'll present my vision, share part of the journey that led me here, and you'll get a taste of the content and exercises of the upcoming workshops. The main topics will be discovering your passion, living off your passion, and improving your marketing. And if you are already living your passion, you can join us just for the fun, the networking and the birthday bubbles! 

Book now at the early bird rate, just €10 if you book before Tuesday. Only 40 seats available, so don’t delay ;-)

PS: you don’t need to bring gifts other than your amazing personality, but if you can’t resist, have a look at my wishlist :-)


Early Bird (€10.00) - Sales stopped
Regular (€15.00) - Sales stopped
Last Minute (€20.00)

Sales stopped

September 10, 2013 19:00 - 23:59 (GMT +01:00 Brussels)

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Innovatie- en Incubatiecentrum Brussel
Z.1 Researchpark 310 (Kranenberg)
B-1731 Zellik

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