Online Workshop: Your Hero's Journey - Access your intuitive wisdom

This workshop will give you:

  • an understanding of yourself on a deeper level
  • access to a more powerful mode of awareness
  • practicing presence and unpacking your intuition
  • connection to your greatness & creating what you love.

We all are magic intuitive beings, and deep inside of us we always know what is true for us, what our next steps are in life. But somewhere down the line, in going through life, we lose the connection to this huge wisdom inside of us.

This two-day workshop takes you along the “hero’s journey” on a path of personal development, questioning your perception of reality and helping you to dive into the vast realm of your inner wisdom.

It is a very practical workshop, providing you with precise techniques to access stunningly accurate intuitive information that you can apply to any subject, for others and yourself.

About the facilitators:

Filip Roeckens is an accredited Natural Success coach. After exploring many different schools of personal development, he discovered Natural Success in 2015, and it closed the gaps that all the other models left. Filip loves to connect people with their inner wisdom and to inspire them to dream and create the life they desire.

Lisa Kretschmann is a Creative Consciousness (ICF) certified coach, a graduate from the Natural Success training and coaching programme and a yoga teacher. Having experienced the power of personal development and intuition work in her own life, Lisa is passionate about the amazing shifts she can create in herself and in others.



  • In just few conversations, Lisa coached me to find answers I already had within me. Every session a very clear goal and great outcome. It really helped resolve some major doubts I had about myself and my future. No matter how impossible it seemed that I could come up with an answer before we started, I always had a surprising result. Amazed with myself, many insights, great creation questions and of course: lots of fun. – Diana Paars
  • Lisa is a very compassionate coach. She greatly hold space and I felt welcome, in whatever state. When being coached, I could feel her presence. The awareness creations felt very often totally on spot. I especially liked when we were able to dive a layer deeper in the coaching. There it no longer came from thinking but seeing. Greatly appreciate her coaching and her Being! Thank you Lisa! – Rosanne Vinke
Your Hero's Journey (€198.00)

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October 24, 2020 09:30 - October 25, 2020 17:31 (GMT +01:00 Brussels)

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